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Precautions for preparation, operation and mainten

In order to make the cooling tower play the best function, so as to extend the life of FRP cooling tower, good inspection and maintenance is the necessary prerequisite. Under normal circumstances, it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive observation on the cooling tower every day to ensure its normal operation. The cooling tower needs to be fully inspected and cleaned during operation. And the part of the work needs to be checked in more detail, and can only be carried out after there are no problems. After entering the tower through the inspection door, it is necessary to clean up the sundries and sludge on the bottom basin of the cooling tower, and check whether the pipeline is blocked. Use high-pressure water to wash the cooling film and the soil on the bottom basin of the cooling tower, and discharge the sewage through its drain port. It is also necessary to check whether the motor wiring is correct. Check the tightness of the belt in the belt drive equipment of the cooling tower. Check whether the rotation of the fan is flexible and so on.

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