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Engineering case

Up to now, the company has designed and developed 12 categories, 28 series and 3533 specifications of products, which have been widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, steel, crystal, electric power, medicine, textile, chemical fiber, photoelectric, shopping malls, hotels and other fields.

  • Dongyang World Trade City
  • Dongying Dahai group
  • The natural gas project of Zhanazhol oilfield in Kazakhstan
  • Hangzhou Chaoyang rubber
  • Hangzhou International Conference Center
  • Hubei Huanggang group
  • Qianjiang New City wave culture city
  • Rizhao Landbridge petrochemical
  • Shanghai Baosteel Group
  • Giri power plant in Sudan
  • South yolotan gas field project in Turkmenistan
  • Xinjiang Ruoqiang shengkunlun power
  • Yongxiang polysilicon
  • Zhejiang Xiecheng silicon industry
  • PetroChina Qianguo refined oil
  • Chongqing Iron and Steel Group
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